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The Jewelry Store of the Future
Part Three
  ...Thanks to something called an electronic music synthsizer.  That is the name for a system that will produce, entirely by electronic means, any musical tone or combination of tones.  it will even create musical sounds never before heard.  it will operate through the use of a coded paper tape on which a musical score is punched.  the device will produce complete tonal effects - from a harmonic solo to a full symphony.  Air conditioning, cooling, and heating.  These will probably be electronic, with no moving parts or motor.  And noiseless, too. (No doubt, you'll have an electronic sound absorber in your store anyway.)  BRINGING THE CUSTOMERS TO THE STORE  How will customers get to this mecca of miracles?  If it's more than a walking distance, they'll come by atomic-powered autos electronically driven by devices that will even manage to get safely through downtown traffic and then park themselves!  Some shoppers may prefer to leave their cars at parking lots at the edge of town.  There they will step onto a conveyor belt that....  
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