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When is a Watch Keeping Good Time?
Part Three
  ... determined and any errors corrected.  Compared to this, the discussion of wrist watch arruacy becomes a relative matter.  Like the pendulum clock it is subject to attack from nature, especially temperature variations, plus the positional changes and other factors.  But it is much, much smaller than a clock.  Considering this and the fact that our daily timekeeping needs are far less exact than those of an observatory, a variation of a minute a day (the equivalent of one mile in 1,440 one the speedometer)seems like excellent accuracy.  Actually today's precision made jeweled watches are capable of much greater accuracy than this.  In fact they have built into them features not available in wathces made a generation ago to sell for more.  In those days adjusting a watch was a difficult and lengthy job.  Today's precision manufactured watch includes such features as: new metals which enable the hairspring and balance wheel to resist temperature variations and the effects of megnetism; additional jewels which lessen friction and assure more consistent accuray over a longer period of time; and the self winding feature which is a factor in isochronal accuracy because only the best third of the mainspring's power is used.  Most important of all, however, are the positional adjustments.  Here the watchmaker takes into account the wearing habits of the user.  By careful poising of the balance wheel, the skilled watch manufacturer reduces the chances of timekeeping errors in all positions.   
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